Volcano Property on East Lake, Oregon

A Timeless Piece of Our Planet

Surrounded by the Newberry National Volcanic Monument,
The Volcano Property on East Lake is
a Priceless Treasure and a Trophy Property.

Priceless Treasure

As you wind your way through the various landscapes, up the side of the volcano and into the caldera, there is a feeling of suspense that you know others, in the past, also experienced.

When you finally turn off the pavement onto Lodgepole Lane, it's as if time itself is changing. Once the motor stops turning, the stillness encompasses you with a sense of tranquility. You realize you're on a private piece of ancient land in the middle of a geological marvel and National Monument.

Cast your eyes across the lake at the distinct shape of the caldera rim and envision the primordial world that existed long ago. Now it's your turn to appreciate this timeless piece of the planet. Gratefully breathe in the fresh and pristine mountain air from the trees and the water. Perceive the myriad natural shades of blue and green in the forest trees, clear lake water and mountain air.

At night, depending on the phase of the moon, you can discern countless distant stars piercing a dark night sky or take in the luminous moonlight through the pines. If you have a telescope you can get even closer to the heavens.

When the sun rises in the morning, let your eyes absorb the yellow, orange and purple as the water reflects the fire of our sun. With binoculars, you might catch sight of eagles from their colony on the north shore, as they soar over the lake.

The Volcano Property is a priceless treasure. Time spent here instills a sense of wonder and appreciation for the wilderness, our planet, and the life it harbors.

    . . . from the Newberry National Volcanic Monument Website, 1999

    "Newberry National Volcanic Monument is a recreational playground for thousands of visitors each year. Newberry Crater holds two alpine lakes, East and Paulina, which are home to trophy-size brown and rainbow trout, as well as kokanee and Atlantic salmon. Seven campgrounds in the crater, offer shoreline camping, boat ramps, sanitary facilities, group camping, and a horse camp with equestrian trails. In the winter, the Crater is a popular destination for both snowmobilers and cross-country skiers. Miles of trails run through the Monument, offering visitors year round opportunities for hiking and exploring. The northwest border of the Monument is the Wild and Scenic Deschutes River, where river rafters and kayakers bounce through the white-water rapids formed by narrow channels carved through the lava." [1]

Trophy Property

Wikipedia defines a trophy property as a "real estate term for the top 2% of properties in a given subcategory, though the term typically refers to residences, architecturally or historically preserved properties, high-amenity natural land and properties with spectacular views, or other extraordinary amenities."

Real Estate appraiser Bill Mundy, MAI, PhD, CRE has over 37 years of experience in the real estate market and valuation research. He established the Seattle based firm of Mundy Associates LLC in 1976. Below are some of the attributes he considers important for a trophy property.

    Consistently important attributes of a trophy property:

  • Privacy
  • Exclusivity
  • Natural beauty
  • Recreational opportunities (hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking)
  • Scarce resources (archaeology)
  • Resources of scientific interest (biodiversity)
  • Urban service proximity (medical, retail conveniences, entertainment)

    Some other attributes of a trophy property, but of lesser importance included:

  • Equestrian facilities
  • Natural resource manager
  • Remote cabins
  • Recreation facilities (pool, tennis, golf)
  • Adjacent to large blocks of publicly owned land, such as wilderness areas [2]

With over 2,400 feet of private shoreline on East Lake at the mean high water mark, the Volcano Property on East Lake is truly a "Trophy Property," a private retreat, sitting in the center of a national volcanic monument, in the middle of one of the most popular recreational areas in the United States.

A personal visit, to experience it for yourself, is the only way to fully appreciate this timeless piece of our planet.

1 Newberry National Volcanic Monument Website, 1999
2 Bill Mundy, MAI, PhD, "Defining a Trophy Property," The Appraisal Journal (January 2003)

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